Here's how to get free Wi-Fi from anywhere

Here's how to get free Wi-Fi from anywhere

Wi-Fi can be found anywhere today, and the best Wi-Fi free Wi-Fi is just beware of the dark corners of free public Wi-Fi. Remember, there is no such thing as free lunch! We've collected tips and tricks to help you stay connected safely. It's here to find Wi-Fi on the go.

Heres how to get free Wi-Fi anywhere

Use your scanner

If your Wi-Fi connection is secure or not, your Android will already tell you to go to Settings> Wi-Fi only and see the connections that are labeled 'Open' or 'Unsafe' and connect. It failed, the connection to the secure network is just one password away. If you can use their Wi-Fi network for a bit, for public places, like a password, for password to post, or if you ask for a bit, ask the neighbor. The important thing is to remember to use your scanner and keep your eyes open.

Use Facebook "Find wifi"

Open the Facebook app, make sure that you've already downloaded, tap more tabs and open "WiFi Find" with your iPhone or Android device. This feature will help you find nearby, free Wi-Fi sources. Choose from the list of businesses in your area, and see opening hours with network names. All businesses have not yet listed their networks, but Facebook Search Wifi is already very useful.

Hit the library

If you live near a library or take your meal one by one, you can always choose free Wi-Fi for a limited time in the good old book depository. Again, you have to crack and grab a paper slip, but sometimes a WiFi password is written on the wall so that it can be viewed and used.

Check your cable subscription

Some large cable networks also offer Wi-Fi access freby in their subscription deal. Call your fine print or customer service to find out if any of your data is included in your subscription. This is not technically free, but if you do not know if you have access to hotspots in the city, then it's the next best thing.

Go to Starbucks or McDonalds

A genius does not know that some of the main chains use free Wi-Fi as a carrot to corrupt consumers. As McDonald's free restroom locates around some fries at the time of need of people, so it does not even have a free Wi-Fi, almost to make six bucks for Starbucks coffee.

Use the crowded Wi-Fi database application


Instabridge is a great little application where crowd-source WiFi connections and passwords are integrated into millions of networks. The best thing is that it also includes secure connections, so for a long time, one person can enjoy the connection to each application for an overtree lat.


WeFi is a great application that automatically connects to any Wi-Fi in your area, based on millions of users' combined resources in your area, who know where there are numbers, there is strength. With over seven million downloads and hundreds of hotspots, WEFi is sure that you are there

One thing on public Wi-Fi security

You can find a free Wi-Fi network and jump straight, there are some things that you should consider. The truth is that like all the things in life, someone gives you something in return without expectation. Free Wi-Fi spots for people who want to hack and steal can be a specific playground. The relatively encryption protocol is a network that anyone can join for free, never know how safe you really are.

Man-in-the-middle attacks, where hackers can hear on moving data between the network and the connected device, can be done. There are also snack hotspots to worry about. This is where a hacker looks like a free Wi-Fi hotspot to encourage users to join. Once connected, the malicious creator will remove your hardware with malware or take control of your device to steal personal information.

If you are ever worried about the authenticity of the network in bars or cafes, ask a member of the staff to be managed by installing a Wi-Fi network before connecting.


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