7 Android settings that you just need to automate

7 Android settings that you just need to automate
Android is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel, developed in 2005 by Goger in 2005. The first version of this operating system was released in 2008. This project is an open source and is constantly grown. Years It has managed to stand up to the content that has just come with Apple, but has managed to increase its dominance by closely intermingling with 85% of the smartphone market.
7 Android settings you should automate
Coming back to Android phones, the number of twinkling that a user has done is a great draw when it comes to Android phones. Probably there are many manual tasks and operations you can still do that you can automate. Some of them are listed below:
Automatic Google Play Updates
Application developers come with constant updates that improve performance or eliminate errors. This can be found at the Play Store and can be installed. But what you do not need to do is go to the Play Store and install it manually.
In the Play Store, you can select settings and click on Auto Update apps and then only auto-update apps to avoid using mobile data for these updates. You can get notifications whenever updates are available.
Google Play Protected App Scanning
This feature scans your phone to see any harmful content. Whenever you can run a scan at any time, you can also run automatic scanning. After opening the Play Store and tapping Play Protection, you can go to Settings and toggle the slider for a scan device for security risks.
Automatic Screen Brightness
Finding the right screen brightness in the room you are in is not an easy task. You can go to Settings and then display to find an option known as Adaptive Brightness.
Smart Stones to Empty Space
Enabling smart storage under a storage in settings will help you deal with old photos, you can choose how old and how many photos and videos you clean (30, 60 or 90 days). Using Google Photos, it is ensured that you can offload your photo and not take the phone's space.
Automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks
You can automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks by going to your phone by going to Settings> Network & Internet and selecting Wi-Fi. Under Wi-Fi, you can select Wi-Fi Preferences and automatically turn on Wi-Fi later, so that you will be able to re-enable it to connect to your home network when you're nearby.
Always keep VPN on
VPN keeps your connections secure and can be enabled in Settings> Network & Internet> VPN. Click on the gear beside the VPN and make sure the always-on VPN slider is toggle on.
Do Not Disturb Schedule
With Android's Distinct mode, you are allowed to control the control instructions. This option lets you calibrate incoming alerts whenever you want, you can turn it on or set a schedule that turns it on at the right time.

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