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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Gujarat: To improve the result of standard 10 students will be given a grace period of up to 8-10 marks in mathematics

Gujarat: To improve the result of standard 10 students will be given a grace period of up to 8-10 marks in mathematics
Maranews Network Gandhinagar: The result of general stream of Class-10 and 1st taken by Gujarat Secondary Education Board is likely to be announced in the first week of June and end of June. But the results of the mathematics subject matter being weak before the results of the announcement of the standard-10 next week are being found. In order to pass a very large number of students in the subject of mathematics, it has been decided to give grace to up to 8 to 10 marks to take the entire result to 60%.
In the current year, the standard number of students cleared in the current year, according to the Gujarat Secondary Education Board, has been found to be large. It was also found that students were not able to get good marks in the subject of mathematics examining a mathematical paper with mathematical paper comparisons. Therefore, students receiving 23 or more marks in mathematics have been seriously considered for passing marks from 1-2 marks to 8-12 marks for passing passing marks. According to sources in the education department, the average of 10-12 marks will be given to give the results of math subject to 60-6 percent.
In Gujarat, in the year 2017, the result of standard 10 was 68. 4% declared. But due to the average result in mathematics this year, the result is affecting the entire result. It is noteworthy that in the last three years, about four lakh students are going missing in mathematics. In 2009, 71.81 percent in Mathematics, 71.11 percent in 013, 71.11 percent in 014, 72.26 percent in 02, 02.05 percent in 016 and 69 percent in 69. 6 percent of students passed in mathematics. The mathematical question paper was difficult this year. Education experts say that the foundation of students in mathematics is getting weak. In which the policy of not checking off students in primary schools in the state is in effect. Thus, such students are passing till the board examinations. So their foundation remains weak till the examination from standard 10 till the examination.
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