This Method Of Adopting A Reduction In Electricity Bill

This Method Of Adopting A Reduction In Electricity Bill
As the heat is increasing, electricity bills are rising in households. Often the people's home budget is messed up. If you are facing similar difficulties, by doing this simple solution, you can also do half of the electricity bill.

The fan can save power more than 50 units per month.

The use of birds in the summer increases. If it is also sensibly selected, electricity bill can be reduced. Generally, 75-watt fan is used in households. However, there has been a star rating fan of BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motors) Technique in the market. Companies claim that the fan uses only half the power.

How much electricity can be consumed on using the right fan?

75 watts fan-112.5 units
32 watts fan - 60 units
Savings: Savings 52.5 units per month
Electricity up to 153 units will be saved using LEDs
Light bulbs to LEDs are used for home lighting. However, we are less aware of how much power it consumes. If the bulb's space LEDs are used, power saving can be up to 158 units per month. The LEDs are now very cheaply available under government schemes.
Use the number of watts for the same illumination (Lumesn 890)
Bulb - 60 watts - 180 units
Tube light - 40 watts - 102 units
CFL-15V- 45 units
LED-8 watts- 22 units
Note: Electricity consumption per month for every 10 hours of running 10 equipment every day
The modern fridge can save 60 units per month
Once the fridge arrives at home, it can last for many years. Because of this, no one's attention would go towards it. However, it also has huge contribution in the use of electricity in the house. The 35-year-old 260-liter fridge consumes around 3.5 units of electricity per day. However, if the BEE 5-star rated fridge is purchased in the same size, then electricity is consumed around 1.35 units per day. This way electricity can be saved.


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