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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Think of taking a SIM card in JIO ..? So read this good news

Think of taking a SIM card in JIO ..? So read this good news
It is a good news for people of Reliance JIO to use a simcard or a new buyer, people who use these services are now entitled to 2 times more profit.
Letting you know that JIO Sim buyer will get the first free Prime membership. If a person is already using Geo SIMcard they will get free until March 2019. This information was provided by a retailer of JIO.
Existing users of jio who receive a prime membership will receive this service for free in March 2019. It is worth mentioning that those who are not yet a prime member and if they want to take the service after April 1, they will be paid as annual subscription as a subscription. 99 will pay.
Jio is paying a little over rupees to its subscribers, which can be viewed as inter-net data, free calls and sms service, LIVE TVs and show plan.
Smart phone software or operating system can be upgraded for free if you use geo. Also update the application with the software or operating system. After updating many apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, Messenger, many new features are also added.
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