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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

This Business Will Start At Rs 6 Lakh, Earning Rs 80000 Per Month

If u want to start a business, the business of making paper cups is a good option for you. Paper Cup business is also suitable for environment and health.Paper cups can be destroyed, while plastic cups can not be destroyed. The use of paper cups has also increased with the changing lifestyles. Because of this you do business Can think about The special thing is that for this business, the government is also supporting its currency scheme.Total cost: 23,85,500 Total investment to start this business will be 23,85,000 rupees. However, in this case, you have to impose up to 25% of the total investment that you own or about 6 lakh rupees. The government will support you under the plan for the remaining expenses. Fixed Capital: costs Rs 10,70,000 for machinery and equipment. Machine costs Rs 8,50,000, Rs 150,000 on die, office equipment and furniture Rs 50,000, and Rs 10,000 for electricity and installation. Working capital: Rs. 13,15,500 in working capital, there are three monthly royalties, utilities, and expenses except salary

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