What will stop the note of 2000 rupees? The finance minister gave the answer

NEW DELHI: News has been published in the Soviet Media and some media reports about the closure of 2000 rupees notes.On that issue, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had to clarify on Friday. The finance minister said in his reply that, rumors are spread that the government is going to close the note of 2000 rupees, he said that these things are rumors and false. Arun Jaitley said, do not trust such rumors until there is no official announcement from the government.

Based on the annual report presented in the Lok Sabha on the basis of the annual report from the RBI, SBI Ecofel has said in its report that the central bank had published a large amount of 15,78,700 crore rupees till December 8, 2017. Out of which, worth Rs 2,46,300 crore worth of notes are not yet marketable.

On this basis, Chief Economic Advisor of SBI Group, Soumya Kanti, in his report, has given the possibility of the fact that the printing of 2,000 new notes from the RBI can be stopped. It has also been said in the report that it is likely that the RBI will supply 50 and 200 rupee notes instead of disclosing Rs 2,000 in rupees worth of rupees worth 2,463 billion rupees.

In the report of EcoFlash, it has been said that 'Rs 2000 denomination issue is having trouble in the market. The RBI has reduced the printing of this note due to the discounting problem. Central Bank quickly printed after the notebook. So that problem of cash can be removed. '

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