WhatsApp Resumed After Almost An Hour

WhatsApp Resumed After Almost An Hour
Instant messaging app WhatsApp stopped for some time around the world. Most people have experienced such problems, social media is fighting down whatsapps down trending, especially WhatsApp on Twitter is top trending.

Whatsapp was going to open, but there was a problem loading and the message was not getting delivered. Many people understood the problem of mobile networks. At present there is no information given by WatersAp on this.
It is worth noting that WhatsApp was down now but not long ago. About a hour ago some people had this problem. According to the down detector, people had started complaining since about two hours ago.
Through the live outage map above, you can understand which countries people are experiencing problems using whatsapp. Where the red color is more there, there is nearly shutting down the Whatatsapp.
However, this is not the first time that Whatsapp is down in India or worldwide. There have been such difficulties many times before. But most of the time WhatsApp is not told by Facebook or what is the real reason behind it.

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