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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

you are using WIFI and HotSpot, read this requiremen

you are using WIFI and HotSpot, read this requiremen

In today’s world, due to smartphones and the Internet, the world is watching the finger and watching the terev. The time has changed, but it is necessary to give special attention to the security of mobile and laptop to prevent cybercrime. People who use Wifi and hotspot for Internet in their smartphones . You should risk using it on your mobile phone. But it does not need to panic. Because, in today’s era there are many apps that allow you to keep mobile and data security. That which will be of great benefit to you in your mobile.

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Fing Network Tools:
The Fing Network Tool makes the interface faster when using Wi-Fi.
– This app analyzes your Wi-Fi network.
– This app uses IT professionals in big companies.
Wifi Kill Refrence:
This app in the Google tool prevents others from connecting to Wi-Fi.
– If someone uses public Wi-Fi, it helps in speeding up connectivity using this app.
– Public Wi-Fi use is sometimes proven to be lethal. Sometimes it is a security-related waste too. Through this app, you will save your mobile phone from the virus and keep it safe in every way.C

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