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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

These bikes do not become heavy on pocket, know price and mileage

These bikes do not become heavy on pocket, know price and mileage
Delhi (JnN). 100cc engine bikes are most liked in India. This is because low prices are extremely affordable along with style. Their mileage is so that you can roam all day only once you burn the fuel. If your budget is 40 thousand rupees or less, then here we come for you three such bikes which are economical but not too heavy on your pockets.

Mileage: 82kmpl

Price 39,400
This bike from Hero is very popular in the villages and towns. Its design is simple. The bike costs Rs 39,400 It has a 100cc engine, with the help of 8.36ps power and 8.05 nm of torque. In one liter, this bike gives 82 kilometers of mileage. Its top speed is 88.56 kmph. The HF deluxe has 4-speed gear.
TVS Sport

Mileage: 95kmpl

Price: Rs 37,580

In the case of TVS's Sport Mileage, the number is third. Its specialty look, great performance and mileage in low price. This bike is present in three variants and the X showroom price of TVS support in Delhi has been kept at Rs 37,580. This is the most sporty bike of your segments. It has a 100cc engine, which comes with a strength of 7.8ps and a 7.8nm tactic, the bike comes with 4 speed gear. Not only that, this is the most mileage bike of TVS. It gives a mileage of 95 kilometers in one liter.
Bajaj CT100

Mileage: 99kmpl

Price: 32,653
Bajaj's CT is the most economical bike. Its look is quite simple that does not impose too much. But its performance and mileage are its specialty. While its mileage is also the highest in its segment, its low cost is also a big plus point. Bajaj CT's X-Show room price starts at Rs 32,653 in Delhi. For power it has a 100cc engine, which gives 8.2 ps power and 8.05 nm of torque, it has 4 speed gear, and this bike in one liter gives 99. Kilometer mileage.
Note: Based on the test from Mileage Company

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