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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Samsung's Smartphones Are Getting Big Discounts, But You Too

Samsung's smartphones are getting big discounts, but you too

The Samsung Mobile Festival has started on e-Commerce WebLite Amazon. This cell, which is available on October 27, is getting discounts up to Rs 4,700 on smartphones. Find out, how many pieces are available on the smartphone.
2300 rupees discount on Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. The smartphone, priced at Rs 25,200, is available in 22,900.
Samsung Galaxy A5 3GB / 32GB model is getting a discount of 4510 rupees. These discounts are available at Rs 19,990 after discounts.
Samsung Galaxy A7 is available at Rs 22,900 with a discount of Rs 4710. The phone costs Rs 27,700.
Samsung Galaxy On 5 Pro is getting a discount of 800 rupees, the original price of the phone is 7990 rupees.
The Galaxy Note 7 Pro, priced at Rs 9490, is getting 8 percent discount at Rs 8690.
Galaxy J5's 16-GB model is available at Rs 10,090 with a flat discount of Rs 900.
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