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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Rs 5,000 These 5 cool cars are being found in less than installments

Rs 5,000 These 5 cool cars are being found in less than installments
Apart from online shopping in the festive season, offers are also available at many other places. Currently there are many cool cars in the market which are priced at Rs 5,000 In less than installments, it is available. All of these cars are from known companies. The details of these models of cars are as follows.
Maruti Alto 800
India's number one car maker Maruti Suzuki is all the favorite car. This is the company's smallest car. The car's X showroom price in Delhi is Rs 3.26 lakh Is there. About Rs 1 lakh to buy this car Down payment is given as payment. After this, we have to pay 4,719 rupees for 5 years. Thus, 60 installments will be required.
Hyundai Eon
South Korea's car costs Rs 3.24 lakh Is there. About Rs 1 lakh for this Down payment will be given. The remaining amount will be divested in 60 installments in 5 years and the premium will be 4,677 rupees.
Tata Tiago is
the compact car of Indian car company Tata. This car is very popular. Tata has given it a new look instead of the old look. X show room price of this car in Delhi is Rs 3.24 lakh Is there. For this, we have to make a down payment of about Rs 1 lakh. The remaining amount after the down payment will have to be paid in monthly installments of Rs 4,677 for five years. The State Bank Scheme is also running on this car. Bank is offering loans at 9.25% for this car.
Renault Kwid
This car is priced at Rs 2.65 lakhs in X show room price in Delhi. Is there. Financing can be done for 84 months by giving a down payment of Rs 80,000. For this, you have to pay 84 rupees for Rs 2,999.
Datsun Redi GO
This car is priced at Rs 2.41 lakhs in X show room. Is there. It can be purchased by making a payment of down to Rs 1 lakh downward. Apart from this, the remaining money can be filled in 60 installments, which have to be paid for Rs 3,141 per month.

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