Now check your own SIM from home

Now check your own SIM from home
Mobile number is required to link to a support card. According to government instructions, if you did not do this work before March 31, your mobile number could be closed.
You can now sit at home, linking to mobile number support. The government can soon introduce this new facility to the general public.
According to the data, the Ministry of Telecom has prepared a home page number linked with support base and can issue direction in this regard within the next two to three days.
According to the report, this process of linking a mobile number to a support card will be done by ‘OTP’.
A number will be presented for this. Those who want to link their mobile number with support, they will have to supply a support number.
Thereafter, the OTP will be registered on the mobile number registered on the basis. The OTP has to send it to the same number. After sending this number your mobile number will be linked to the base card.
Currently you have to go to the support enrollment center to link your mobile number to a support card. Besides, if you have a mobile number linked to a support card, same way you can link your second number online.

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