Facebook's proprietary messaging app Whatsapp is now trying to get information on what types of future news spreads on its platform. Company's software engineer Alan Kao gave this status a complex name. This is because the message can not read any message except the sander and receiver. Alan Kao said in a report, "We do not want to see Fake News on this platform and neither want to read. But it is very difficult to know which news is faked and which news is real. "In this case, the company is working on ways to reduce this news.
Let us know that many news messages are sent using WhatsApp and this news is soon wired as more than 20 million people in India are connected to WhatsApp. Alan Kao said that steps are being taken to stop such news on WhatsApp. The company is awakening users on Fake News and check their integrity before sharing any news

Alan Kao said that under the end and encryption, WhatsApp does not store or store any message on its own server. Only the messages and the receiver can see the message. Messages remain in the encrypted format of the company's server unless the receiver read it. If the receiver does not read the message for 30 days, then he is removed from the server. However, Alan Kao also said that the steps taken on the Fake News will also be kept in mind.
Last month, Union Minister of Information Technology and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad said that some catastrophic videos have been shared on WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp is not aware of any messages, no action can be taken against it. WhatsApp provides a feature that allows users to share a screenshot of any catastrophic content and share law enforcement officials.

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