If you forget to remove the phone by charging it on the charging and after charging the phone even after charging the phone, then this app can be of great use to you. Because the phone has full battery and theft alarm app, the alarm sounds sound when the phone is fully charged. Alarm also starts with this, even if someone removes your phone from charging.
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Often we forget the mobile charging and the phone keeps charging. Being constantly plugged in may lead to phone damage. This app plays an alarm even when the battery is low. You can select how much alarm the battery is charging or when it is low.
About App
This app is free, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It has got mixed review of users. This app works differently on different phones.
Now the app will have simple interface open. In which the show will be the number of hours the phone's battery is. Charge alarm and Theft Alarm option will appear on the bottom.

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